The District

The District Credit Union

Announcing the District Credit Union!

This November, Aurora Schools Federal Credit Union will begin to rebrand as the District Credit Union.

We won’t change in name only. Over the course of the coming year, the rebrand will be accompanied by many other exciting updates, including:

  • An easier-to-use website and online banking experience
  • New and improved services for our members
  • Refreshed interiors at our branches

There’s a lot to be excited about, and our employees will share updates throughout the process to keep our members informed.

Q: Why are we changing our name?

A: While we are proud of our heritage as a credit union started by Aurora school teachers and plan on continuing to serve the same community, we are also aware that school communities that don't identify as “Aurora Schools” are not taking full advantage of all that we have to offer. By choosing a name that appeals to more community members, we can help more people; and the more our member base grows, the stronger our community-run credit union will become. Aurora Public Schools, Cherry Creek School District, and other partner schools are as excited as we are for this change.

Q: Why the District Credit Union?

A: While districts are defined as a geographic division for administrative purposes, they also have a way of forming tight-knit communities in the areas they serve. We were founded by employees of the Adams- Arapahoe 28J School District fifty-nine years ago thanks to the sense of community their district engendered. And that same sense of community, of belonging, is what we hope to instill in all our members in the years to come.

Q: What does the new logo signify?

A: The logo invokes the cardinal directions of the compass as a nod to the district’s geographic meaning, while highlighting our origins in Aurora (eastern Denver) with an arrow that points forward, as we are ever moving and growing.