Youth Savings

 At ASFCU, we want to meet the banking needs of your entire family, including your children. Whether they're newborn or graduating high school ASFCU has a student account to grow with their needs.

SMARTY Kids Club Savings

SMARTY, our Kids’ Savings Club mascot is proud to announce his Kids’ Savings Account. SMARTY’s Club Account is open to all kids between the ages of 0 – 12. An initial $5 deposit is all that is needed to start this account. It’s a great way to watch the money grow as the child grows. As a savings incentive, each time a deposit is made, the child will choose a Smarty Kid Club prize. SMARTY kids really are smarter, because they receive Report Card Rewards for earning good grades.

Teen Club Savings Accounts

For Teens, saving is especially important; our Teen Club Account is open to all teens between the ages of 13 - 19. An initial $5 deposit is all that is needed to start this account. Parents can transfer allowance online, and Teens can start managing their own money with your parental guidance.

Report Cards Rewards Program

Students grades K-12 can turn in their report cards each grading period to earn money for good grades. Our Report Card Rewards program pays $2 for each A (or the top grade available) and $1 for each B (or second highest grade available). Students can earn up to $15 per grading term. Rewards are posted for the current grading period, we will not post rewards for prior grading terms.