Share Certificate Accounts

This term-based account pays higher dividends for a fixed period of time. With terms from 3 months to 5 years and a low minimum opening balance of $500, this account is perfect for members who want to earn more dividends and don't need immediate access to their funds. You may also build your savings with our Add-on Certificate with as little as $100. Whether you are saving for something or just want to earn higher rates, this account allows you to lock in a competitive rate and start saving today.

Certificates are automatically renewed for another term upon maturity. Options for receiving dividends are available. All certificates are subject to early withdrawal penalties. Penalty for early withdrawal: Terms less than 12 months – 90 days dividends; 12 to less than 24 months – 180 days dividends; 24 to less than 48 months – 360 days dividends; 48 months or greater – 720 days dividends. APY=Annual Percentage Yield. Various fees may reduce the earnings on accounts.