Identity Recovery Services

In 2012, over 12.6 million Americans became victims of identity fraud - about 5% of all adults in the United States. Consequences for victims can be devastating, and trying to fight identity fraud on your own can be overwhelming. As a member of Aurora Schools Federal Credit Union, if you become a victim of identity fraud, we will put you in touch with a professional Identity Recovery Advocate who will do the work on your behalf to restore your identity to pre-event status, saving you time and expense. If necessary, your Identity Recovery Advocate will monitor all three credit bureau reports for up to twelve months. Other identity recovery services simply send you a kit and you have to do the footwork on your own. Your benefits cover identity fraud of any kind, whether related to your accounts with Aurora Schools Federal Credit Union or not - including medical fraud, utilities fraud, employment fraud, government documents and benefits fraud - and all other types, including the threat of fraud such as a lost or stolen wallet, purse, or other personally identifying information.

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