Share Savings

Saving at Aurora Schools Federal Credit Union means higher rates, security and begins your lifelong membership. Your share savings account is your primary account requiring a low $25 minimum deposit and a $10 membership fee. This account establishes your ownership and makes you eligible to take advantage of all the products that ASFCU offers. Start saving today and experience the benefits of credit union membership.

Holiday Savings

If you find yourself wondering what happened to your budget after the holidays and you want to avoid high interest on credit card bills, then consider putting your holiday spending money into ASFCU's Holiday Club Account. You will earn a competitive interest rate and will be prepared for year-end gift giving.

Name-Your-Own Savings

To make saving for different goals easier, we have an additional savings account that you can name whatever you want. Call it "College Savings", or "Buying a Car", or any other name that makes sense to you. This account earns the same rate as our Share Savings Account and it's easy to transfer money online.